Prerequisite Requirement: GEOG110 and ENVS120 or 64C from SAEES, SLS or School of Engineering. 

Aim: To introduce students to the concepts, techniques and interdisciplinary application of GIS and remote sensing as environmental decision-making tools. 

Content: Development, interdisciplinary nature and potential value of GIS; referencing the geographic location of data; technological environment of GIS, data sources, data models, entry and analysis; data quality, management & legal aspects; GPS, spatial representation concepts, maps as records and reflections of dominant ideologies, introduction to aerial photography. 

Assessment: Practical reports (15%), Practical test (15%), theory test (20%); 3 h exam (50%). DP Requirement: 80% attendance at practicals; 40% Class mark. 

This module is only for students that are registered for a major or programme in which this module is specifically listed as core. 

Subminimum to pass: 40% in (exam/assessment)