Outline of Module:

This module has a research focus and prepares students over a semester to write a research proposal comprising of the appropriate methodology and a corresponding literature review. Students are returning from 3 weeks of teaching practice and they then select a topic relevant to their experiences in the school. The module focuses on developing key concepts and skills related to writing a research proposal as an academic but with a personal and professional rationale. Students will present a well written, coherent proposal (of 8-10 pages with between 6- 8 references) on any one of  the geographic topics below. The proposal comprising of a literature and methodology will be constructed under key thematic headings and there will be an oral presentation of the methodology for a summative assessment. There is no exam in this module.


Students must be able to:

· Construct a coherent research proposal: methodology ( approximately 5 pages comprising of an aim, critical questions, research style, tools and sampling, a data collection table,  ethics, limitations and references) and literature review of 4 pages presented thematically on a geographic topic of your choice

· Use between 6-8 references ( books, journal articles, reports) in the literature review

· Have knowledge of key concepts relevant for research methodology and a literature review such as seminal article, theory, model, plagiarism in addition to theme specific concepts

 The skills that will be developed:

· writing a logical coherent literature review and methodology section,

· referencing according to APA 6th style,

· effecting track changes in peer reviewing and

· oral presentations and discussions of segments of the proposal

Important Aspects for students to remember:

Pls note that lectures will be held thrice during the week (refer to timetable) when need be, some lectures will be held with the entire class and for others, students are expected to work on their own/ peer/lecturer consultation given the guidelines provided on certain days.

Each week will have a separate task that will be due as this module involves developing a research proposal over a semester. This is a continuous assessment module.

Hence, students who are absent take the risk of failing if they do not meet regular deadlines.

Dates and Associated tasks

05-08 August: Read on a topic of your choice (choose from 1 of 3 topics given below)and bring 3 readings to class with your summaries on the topic. None of the readings should be older than 10 yrs. unless it’s a seminal piece.

Class discussion on what is a literature review.

 Homework for the first 4 weeks: select 4 sources of literature (reports, books, journal articles): one per week related to your topic (you may choose to discuss 1/2 that you previously chose) and summarise them, one per week.

Task: What is the topic and key ideas/themes for the topic from your readings (student presentation) to construct a research study- write some key ideas.

In class task: Choice and clarification of Topic with lecturer.

12-16 August: Research Methodology over 3 weeks

Lecturer to lead discussion with ppt and students to read and write

Task: Develop the aim, critical questions and research style with appropriate tools, discuss ethics in research in class and refine all sections at home.

Refine the methodology 

19 -23 August: What is a literature review?

Task: Components of a good LR and Steps to take before beginning to write the draft (ppt. presentation by Dr Manik and class discussion)

Task: Individual consultation with Dr Manik and preparation of draft

Task: Oral presentation of methodology

26-30 August:  Researching for a literature review.

 Key ideas + collecting sources for a LR: ppt. by Dr Manik

Task: students begin to arrange their literature into a coherent argument individually. Consultations with Dr Manik

Task: Oral presentation of methodology

Homework: add 3 more sources of literature.

02 -06 September: Organisation of your Proposal in a template form

Arranging the proposal for coherence:  ppt + example of a LR and methodology section (by Dr Manik).

Task: students to refine their methodology section and LR.

09-13 September: students to construct the final draft of the Proposal

 ppt  by Dr Manik

Task: Integrating the summaries to create flow, emphasize topic sentence to introduce each section.

Individual writing and then consultations with Dr Manik on the methodology and literature review

14- 24 September: MID TERM BREAK

25-27 Sept: Individual consultations continue

30 Sept-4 Oct: Drafts and Revisions commence

How to peer review a proposal and IT lesson on reviewing a document: use of track changes ( Explanation and demonstration  by Dr Manik)

class task: commence peer review of proposal using track changes

07-15 October: referencing – keep to APA 6th style- check the library for details

class task: Individual scan of each student’s efforts and suggestions. Individual consult with lecturer on how to improve the quality of the submission

lectures End on 16 October 2019: full submission of Proposal for assessment

feedback to class and individual consultations with all students and those who have failed have an opportunity to re-work and to re-submit .

22-29 October: additional feedback to selected students to strengthen proposal then submissions

Consultations: refer to my office door (CF 102) or email me.


ASSESSMENT: Construct a Research proposal: (100%) on any ONE of the following topics:

1. The Reasons for International Teacher Migration: Developing contexts/ developed contexts

2. Gender Based Violence in Schools: Township/urban/rural

3. Poverty and Food (In)Security in Schools: Township/urban/rural

4. Racial Integration in Schools