Dear Student

Trust you are well. Assessment 1 

ASSESSMENT 1: GROUP WORK (max 5)                                                            [100]


Theme: South African Flag


Date: Gallery Walk:  6 March during lecture time.

Bring your completed collage to lecture on time. Remember to bring prestik to stick the collage. All five members required to take part in the gallery walk.


Due Date for Submission of Collage and reflection: [13 March during lecture time]


Suggested procedure: First, each member reads the content theories in prescribed textbook. Thereafter, each member selects pictures, words, to use to develop a collage. Third, the group agrees on a theme and agrees on the choice of pictures, words.


Requirement: Develop a COLLAGE showing content theories of motivation as contained in prescribed textbook and application to own life.  Divide work between the 5 in the group. Write a reflection of the experiences of both constructing a collage and process of using the gallery walk to understand the theories of motivation. Submit your collage together with your reflection stapled to your collage


[NB collage display is an important part of the gallery walk]                                  

Use pictures, words, arrows, to create a logical understanding of the presentation.

Size of chart is A0.

Be creative and original.

Use, colour and make your collage bold.



Checklist and grid Assessment 1

Max Mark

Student Mark

Pictures, words, designs or drawings appropriately selected and relevant.

Shows clear understanding of  content theories as per prescribed textbook (30)

Collage show application to members own life (20)



The collage is logical, creative, original and forms a theme of South African flag



Included an individual reflection on the construction of collage and the process of using gallery walk to understand theories of motivation


NB - compulsory attendance of each member for the gallery walk. Failure to attend will result in student loosing marks for this section.

25 per student






Assessment 2 Readings

Using the following readings:

•Reading on skills development in your prescribed textbook.

•Reading on human resource planning in your prescribed textbook.

•Skills development for poverty reduction: can FET colleges deliver? Salim Akoojee and Simon McGrath


•Confronting youth unemployment: policy options for South Africa, 2010. Kraak (2003).