Welcome to the Research Proposal Development & Skills Training (EDRS820) module.

This 16-credit module focuses on the development of the research proposal and builds on the concepts, skills and processes necessary for proposal development. This module draws on the Research Discourses and Methodology module.   


Module outcome:

Develop a comprehensive research proposal for a study and dissertation at the Masters level.


The specific learning outcomes for the module are that you:

q   Understand the purpose and format of a research proposal as well as  constituent concepts

q   Have skills to:

·            select and formulate a research topic

·            develop a rationale for a research study

·            formulate a clear purpose for the research and research questions

·            conduct a literature review relevant to the focus of your proposed research and develop an appropriate bibliography

·            develop a conceptual and/or theoretical framework for the research study

·            select and develop an appropriate methodological approach and methods for the study

·            develop a realistic and manageable timeframe, work plan and budget for the research study

·            identify and address the ethical implications of a research study

·            develop and submit a feasible and coherent research proposal


It is worth repeating that this module involves an intense process. It requires discipline, commitment, regular work,  attendance at every session, and timeous completion of tasks. It also requires that you work closely with your supervisor and get feedback from your supervisor on different tasks. Tasks are the building blocks of your proposal. If you complete all the tasks and use feedback to improve them, you will have all the components of your proposal.