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a) I am aware that all relevant examination/assessment rules and the UKZN plagiarism policy applies to any and all assessment submissions made.

b) I hereby give permission for UKZN to use the appropriate technologies such as lockdown browser, online proctoring and recording and reviewing to ensure that the online assessments are appropriately monitored.

c) I hereby further acknowledge that I have not cheated or plagiarised in any assessment being submitted.

Cheating or plagiarism includes (but is not limited to):

c.1 The communication or attempted communication of any information relating to an examination/test/assessment to any persons, who the examiner has not given explicit permission to engage with, while the examination/test/assessment is in progress.

c.2 The attempted sourcing of information directly related to examination/test/assessment from any source, be it, online source, hardcopy source, softcopy source, verbal or visual source or any other source that the examiner has not given explicit permission to engage with.

c.3 a) The use of a false name or identity number/student number or another student’s name or identity number/student number to access and/or undertake any examination/test/assessment; 

b) The engagement of another person to take the assessment on your behalf;

c.4 The violation of any rules agreed upon between the student and the examiner with regard to completion and submission of work, irrespective of the medium through these rules are communicated and agreed upon. This includes individual effort, group effort, individual submissions per group effort, and a combined single group submission per group effort.  

c.5 The submission for any examination/test/assessment as your own work and any written matter or project which has been copied, reproduced or extracted, in whole or in part, from the work of another student or some other person, or any published material including one’s own published material. 

c.6 Presenting the ideas, words or works of another for any examination/test/assessment as if they are your own.  

c.7 Utilisation of the ideas, words or work of another, for any examination/test/ assessment without appropriate acknowledgement, or any published material including one’s own published material.

d) Breach of these rules and/or policies by yourself may result in a guilty finding and suffer one or more of the following consequences:

d.1 Disqualification from entry to any examination/test;

d.2 Cancellation or forfeiture of examination/test results;

d.3 Deprivation of a degree, diploma or certificate obtained as a result of the offence;

d.4 Further or alternative sanction/s as deemed necessary by the UKZN Proctor.